Know About America.

1)French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, designed the

Statue of Liberty in 1884. The  completed statue  and  pedestal

was dedicated by U.S.President Grover on  October 28, 1886.

2)There are 50 stars and 13 stripes in the American flag.

The 13 alternatively red and white stripes represent the original

13 colonies and the 50 stars on the blue background represent the

50 modern states. TheU.S. flag is also known as ”the Stars and Stripes”,

”The star spangled banner” and ”Old Glory.”It is believed to be designed

by Betsy Rose. Some believe that it was designed by Francis Hopkinson who

was one of the signers of the ”Declaration of Independence” as a delegate

from  New Jersey. He was an American author.

3)Official language—English.

4)Capital of U.S.A.—-Washinton D.C.

5)George Washington was the first President of U.S.A.

6)Serfdom ended in 1863 in America.

7)Martin Luther King Jr. worked for racial equality in U.S.A.



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