Important Events Of July 3rd.

1) Birthday of Harbhajan Singh (1970),Indian cricket player.

2)—-do—-of Adoor Gopalakrishnan (1941), a national award

winning  Indian film director of Malayali  cinema.

3)Birthday of Tom Cruise (1962), Hollywood actor.

4)Death anniversary of saint Namdev (1350). He was

a prominent  religious poet of Maharashtra and

contemporary of saint-poet Dhyaneshwar.

Namdev was one of the earliest writers who

wrote in Marathi language.  He died in 1350,

at the  age of 80 in pandarapur, at the  foot

of Lord Pandarinath.

5)Birthday of Richard Hadlee (1951),(ex) cricketer  of  New Zealand.

6)Birthday of Mama Parmanand (1838), one of the founders of

”Prarthana Samaj” in Mumbai.





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