A Page From My Diary.

———————-Hari Om———————-


a)I  always wonder why tax isn’t  called……



b)Son: Daddy, have you ever been to Egypt?

Father: No, why do you ask that?

Son:Well, where did you get ”mummy” then?

2)Do you know?

Fishes  that  live more than 800 metres below

the ocean surface don’t  have  eyes.

3) Quote of the day:

What a little lamp can do, the great sun cannot;

it can shine at night.

4) Divine corner:

a)Everything  is perfect coming from the hands  of the Creator;

everything degenerates in the hands of man.–Rousseau.

b)God has no religion.—Gandhiji.

5)Health corner:

a)Omega-3 fatty acids keep the heart healthy, regularise

attention deficit diorder in kids, develop vision  and

essential for the promotion of new tissues especially,

neurological tissues in brain and retina.Source:-walnuts,

green leafy vegetables,daals (rajma, urad), rye and

mustard seeds and seafish.

b)Fungal infection of  scalp causes scaling of scalp and boils.

Take Ketoconazole  Tablet and  use shampoos which have


6)Diary:In Orissa, at  Puri, cart festival of Lord Jagannatha

has started since today.It is an yearly festival , and celebrated

for 7 days. Thers are 3 mega carts;the main cart named

”Nandighosha” is of Lord Jagannatha.The height of the

cart, having 16 wheels. is 45 feet.First moves the cart, named

”Taladhwaja” of Lord Balarama, brother of Lord Jagannatha.

The height of the cart, having 14 wheels  is  44 feet and

the cart of Goddess Subhadra, sister of Lord Jagannatha

has 12 wheels. The height of the  cart, named ”Devadalana”

is 43 feet. In front of each cart there are 4  horses.

These 3 Gods, sitting in their  respective carts go

to meet, Gundeecha Devi, who is the sister of their father.

After staying there for 15 days, they return back. Nearly

10 lakh  devotees  assemle every year  to participate in

this world famous festival. The height of the  temple of

Lord  Jagannatha, built in 12th century is 214 feet.

By  Vani Hegde ( All informations are collected).


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