A Page From My Diary.

——————-Hari   Om———————-

1)Divine Corner

a)Aum means:A=Vishwa(Jaagruti=walking state/aware of)

U=Swapna (dreaming state); M=Prajna/sushupti(consciousness)

Aum—the sound of silence—a syllable that denotes  ”Self.”

b)God is like a maths teacher. He gives problems , one after another.

2)Mind  bender:

Q:A villager rode into town on Friday, stayed there for  three

days and  left on Friday. How did he do it?

Ans:Friday was  his horse.

3)Quote of the day:”When in prayer, you clasp your hands

and God opens His.”

4)Do  you know?

a)Einstein’s formula for success:A=X+Y+Z

A=(Success) =X(Hard work)+Y(Play)+Z(Keep one’s mouth

shut and  do listen to others)


c)Feng Shui(wind, water)=Chinese art of Vastu.(architecture)


a)Q:what goes up when rain  comes down?


b)Q:What is the formula of water?

Ans:H to O(H I J K L M N O)=H2O.

6)Diary:India today reminds me the view of an author ,

who said,”A vote is not a piece of paper; a vote is a

human voice, a statement of human principle. We

must not let those voices be silenced.”

By  Vani Hegde.


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