Important Events Of July 1st.

July is a National  Anti-boredom Month in U.S.A.

because it is a great fun-filled month for holidays.

In addition, July is also National Blueberry  Month,

National Cellphone Courtesy Month, National Hot Dog  Month,

National Ice Cream Month and National Unlucky Month for Weddings.

1)National Doctors’ Day (w.e.f.1991 ).

Birthday of  Bidhan  Chandra Roy, a legendary doctor

is celebrated as ”Doctors’ Day.”Dr. B.C.Roy became

the second chief minister of West Bengal in 1948 and

held that position till his death on July 1st, 1962. He

used to treat patients  in his home even while he was

chief minister. The nation honoured him with ”Bharata

Ratna” award on February 4, 1961. He  gifted his house

for running as a nursing home.He  was born on July 1st, 1882.

He was the founder of ”Indian Medical Association” (1928).

2)Daughters’ Day is celebrated  in memory of Kalpana   Chawla,

an Indian American astronaut of NASA, who was killed  on February

1st, 2003, when space shuttle exploded over Texas. She was born on

July 1st, 1961 in  Karnal (Haryana), India.

3)International Joke Day.

4)Birthday of Princess Diana Spencer (1961), the ex-wife of

Charles, Prince of Wales and mother of Prince William  and

Prince Harry.She died as a result of  injuries sustained in a

car collision in Paris  on 31-8-1997.

5)Canada Day-(National Day of Canada.)

6)Anniversary of founding of  the Chinese  Communist Party (1921)

7)Birthday of Pamela Anderson (1967), Hollywood  actress.

8)—-do—–of  Chandrashekhar (1927), ex-P.M. and ”Young Turk”

of Indian politics. He died  of cancer on 8-7-2007.

9) July has been recognized as ”Eye injury prevention month”

in U.S.A.

10)Anniversary of Hongkong’s return to Chinese rule (1997).

11)”Imperial Bank  of India” was renamed as ”State Bank of India” on 1955.

12)The  first postage stamps, the adhesive Scinde Dawk stamps having

circular shape began to be used in India from 1-7-1852.

13)”Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund” was established on 1-7-1906

in Mangalore, India by  Ammembala  Subba Rao Pai, a philanthropist.

The bank changed it’s name into ”Canara Bank Limited” in 1910 when

it was incorporated and became Canara Bank in  1969, July 19th when

it was nationalised.

14)Birthday of M.Venkaiah Naidu (1949),  an  Indian

politician and member of Rajya Sabha. He was born

in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

15)Industrial Development Bank Of India was founded on 1964.

The bank was set up with an  objective to offer  financial assistance

and  other services for the growth of  the nascent  Indian industry.

16)62nd C.A.Day (Foundation day of  ”The Institute  of  Chartered

Accountants of India).-I.C.A.I.was established on July 1st 1949.

17)Death anniversary of Marlon Brando (2004), an acting legend

of America. He was the greatest movie actor of all time. He was

born on  April 3, 1924. He starred in classics such as ”Last Tango

in Paris.”  His two  Oscar wins were  for ”On the Waterfront” and

”The Godfather”. He was a high profile campaigner  for the

cause of  Native Americans.



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