A Page From My Diary.

——————-Hari Om—————–


Q:What is a complete waste of time?

Ans:Telling a bald man hair raising stories.

2)Spiritual corner:

Which is the right path to walk in the journey of life?

One is ”Shreyah”(good) which leads to freedom.

The other is ”Preyah(pleasant) which leads to bondage.

3)Quote  of the day:”Forgive others but yourself never.”


4)Do you know?

1)Chamarajendra  Park is popularly known as Cubbon Park.

2)Tippu Sultan’s Hindu chief minister was Purnaiah.

3)Kempe Gowda, was the founder of Bangalore  city .

He shifted his capital from Yelahanka to Bengalore.

He ruled for 56 years from 1513 to 1569 A.D.

He derived his name from Deity, Kempamma,

who was the consort of Bhaire Deva, their family god.

Kempe gowda belonged to Yelahanka  Nada  Prabhu

dynasty, founded by Jayappa  Gowda.

4)The right hemisphere of our brain is ”Shakthi”(emotional brain)

and the left is ”Shiva”(logical brain). The union of logic and emotion

(Shiva and Shakti) awakens the chaitanya(energy).

5)POLICE=Protection Of Life  In Civil Establishment.

5)Health Corner:

1)Tattoos children  paste on their hands or faces  are harmful.

Colour additives of tattoos and gum  used to apply tattoos are

not  quality tested and cause skin diseases like dermatities.

Tattoos are made of P.T.B.P.resin which cause depigmentation

in skin of children.

2)Any hair dye containing phenylene  diamins-based ingredient

should be immediately considered as able to induce  bladder cancer,

breast cancer,multiple myeloma and leukemia.  Henna  and herbal

based dyes  used to color hair, do not have any side affects.

3)Coca-Cola  spraying to cotton and chilli fields–cheap and easy

to use as pesticides–tradition is that  sugary solutions attract

red ants to feed on insect larvae.

6)Diary:”When boredom sets in, life becomes a big yawn”

writes an author. I agree. Listening  to the absorbing music

broadcasted by the radio and watching comic serials  relayed

by  the various channels in  T.V. can save us from the biting

teeth of killing boredom.

By Vani Hegde.


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