Do You Know?

1)Blind means without sense of sight,

make unable to see permanently or temporarily.

There are also social blindness, economic blindness,

legal blindness and total blindness, so much so that 65

definitions of blindness are listed in World Health

Organisation publication (1966).

2)N.I.I. (National  Institute  of  Immunology ) scientists

claim to have developed cost effective  plant-based

vaccines  which can be produced  in huge quantities to

treat  Japanese Encephalitis, commonly known as brain fever.

J.E. is caused by flavivirus  which replicates in figs and

transmitted in humans  by mosquitoes.With the help

of proteins, synthesised in plants (banana, carrot )

oral vaccines are developed against against J.E.

At present the only vaccine against  J.E. is derived

from the brain of the mouse. Mice population is

inadequate  to produce enough vaccines.

3)Injected Benzathine penicillin in a prescribed dose,

give long lasting relief from psoriasis, a chronic skin

disease, in which scaly, reddish patches are formed.

The disease  is caused  by streptococcus bacteria which

also infects the throat.



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