Do You Know?

1)A chinese man,  Wu (66 years old ) uses  elm trees

(which are flexible and do not  break easily )  to  grow

tree chair. He moulds the branches  into shape while

the tree is growing, constantly trims and guides  it into

shape before the chair is finally harvested.

2)New theory of music:

A  scientist has for the first time developed

a mathematical theory  of music  which he

says not only explain how ragas are formed

but also predicts  many new ragas that are

unknown  among musicians of today.

Dr. P.B.Mathur of the Central Electro

Chemical  Research Institute in Karaikudi,

also come up with a single nathematical

expression from which can be derived all the

seven notes or  swaras and the 12 tones of the

basic Octavian scale  used by musicians all over   the world.

3)French scientists have developed a mirror, that will offer a

reflection of the  ” future  you, 5 years on”. The  computer-powered

digital  mirror, a thinking  looking glass, will pick up data of

day’s diet, exercise and pattern of self indulgence and reveal the

”future you, 5 years on”.



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