Health Corner

1)Hope found for the mentally retarded:

A specific enzime in the brain cell, P21-PAK

(a defect in  ”X”chromosome ) causes

Fragile ”x” syndrome (mental retardness).

When the enzime P21-PAK was inhibited,

(blocked) the symptoms  (Fragile ”x” syndrome)

were reversed (in  mice).-Researchers report.

2)Kirlian photography has  showed a colourful,

radiant energy field (aura) surrounding the

physical bodies of humans, plants and animals.

It has also revealed that diseases first appear in

the aura, before  manifesting as a physical ailment.

By treating aura,  it is possible to cure  physical ailments.

This is  pranic healing (by treating the energy field/

the abnormality in the aura, speedy recovery is possible).

3)Never leave warm animal-protein containing foods (meats,

eggs,cream, milk, curd ) for more than half an hour at room

temperature.Bacteria breeds  swiftly in them.

4)A mango a  day can keep cancer away.Lupeol, a compound

found in mangoes, prevents ageing,  cardio vascular  diseases

and pancreatic cancer. Lupeol  possesses anti-oxidant  properties.

Lupeol is also effective against environmental  toxins.

Lupeol  inhibits the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.



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