Important Events Of June 25th.

1)Nuclear Abolition Day.

2)World Vitiligo Day. Vitiligo is also called leukoderma.

It is a common genetic autoimmune  skin disease.

Vitiligo is a condition in which melanocytes,

the pigment  cells  which gives the skin it’s  color, is lost

from areas of the skin, causing  whitish  patches,

often with no clear cause.Autoimmune disorders

are characterised by the  body immune system

mistakenly attacking it’s own tissues or cells.

3)Day  Of Seafarer. It is an opportunity to educate

the public about  issues , the modern day seafarers are facing.

4)World Concert Day/Music aid.

5)The first passenger carrying  monorail, celebrated a grand

opening  in June 25th,1825.

6)Death anniversary of Michail Jackson, King of Pop.

He was an American dancer, song writer, musician and

philanthropist.He was born on 29-8-1958 and died on 25-6-

.2009 due to cardiac arrest.

7)Birthday of Sucheta Kripalani (1908), the first woman

to be selected as  chief minister of Uttar Pradesh in 1963.

She died on1-12-1974.

8)Birthday of Karishma Kapur(1974), Bollywood actress.

9)—do—-of George Orwell(1903), an English author

and journalist.He coined phrases ”Big Brother” and ”Thought Police”.

He died of tuberculosis in 1950. His quotes ”Big Brother is watching you”

refers to invasion of privacy and ”Thought Police” refers to violation of

the right to the free expression of openion.

10)Birthday of Aftab Shivdasani (1978),  Indian actor.

11)—do—of Vishwanath Pratap Singh (1931), the

ex-Prime Minister of India.

12)Birthday of Fakir Mohammad,Katpadi (1949) ;

a noted Kannada writer, who  was the first to introduce

the  social and cultural life of muslims into Kannada literature.

13)Indira Gandhi, the Late Prime Minister of India, declared

emergency  on 25th June 1975, by invoking article 352 of the

Constitution  upto 21 months; i.e,till March 1977.

14)Kapil Dev lifts the 1983  Prudential  (cricket) world  cup for  India

in England at Lord’s, London, by defeating  West Indies.

15)India played  the  first  test match against England

at Lord’s in 1932.

16)Discovery Day is celebrated in Newfoundland and

Labrador (provinces in Canada) in commemoration

of the  discovery of the provinces in 1497 by John Cabot.

It is celebrated  on the Monday nearest to June 24th.

Discovery  Day is  also known as  ”Cabot 500 Day” since 1997.

17)Death anniversary of Satyendranath Dutt  (1922 ), Bengali poet.

He was born on 11-2-1882



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