Important Events Of 26th June.

1)International  day against drug abuse and illicit  human trafficking.

2)Birthday of Bala Gandharva (1888), a renowned Marathi singer and

stage actor , famous for  his role of female character.

3)Death  anniversary of  Karl Landsteiner  (1943 ), an American biologist

and physician, who discovered  A,B,O blood groups in humans.

He was  awarded Nobel prize for his discovery.

4)Birthday  (1921) of K.K.Pai(Kalsanka Kamalaksha Pai),

the first chairman of Syndicate Bank and educationist,Manipal.

He died on 14th January, 2009.

5)The International Day  in Support of Victims of Torture

is observed today  on the 30th anniversary of  ”U.N.Voluntary

Fund for Victims of Torture”, established  in 1981.



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