Health Corner.

1)Fig fruit has the rare property of increasing

intelligence in humanbeings. The  bunch of

fig fruits is put on the neck of expecting mother

during the ceremony of baby shower with a

desire that the baby to be born may grow  up

to be  an enlightened human being.

2)Roots of the plant named ”Lavancha”( ‘vetiver’ in English)

have medicinal properties.If we wear the slippers  made

out of lavancha, the crevices of the feet are healed.

In hot summer, the mats weaved out of lavancha roots are

let down as screen on windows and  water is sprinkled

frequently upon them. The air that enters  in,  through

these mats  of  lavancha is cool and  has a   sweet

fragrance.   At Idugunji, a place in Uttara Kannada,

(Karnataka),there is a famous Ganapathi temple.

The  Ganesha  masks  made out of lavancha, make

good souvenirs.

3)”Thermomonospora”, a fungus is found  effective

in killing tumour growth.

From the fungus of a tree named ”Texas socato”,

”texal” is  isolated which is effective in treatment

of breast cancer.

Protein isolated from medicinal plants can be used

to treat AIDS.



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