Begging is not bad. Even the ancient yogis in

vedic period  were going  from house to  house

begging alms  to keep them  alive. Physically

disabled  poor people are found begging

alms on the footpath or near temple yards.

They have no other alternatives for earning

their livelihood. Begging  is noble if it is for

the rehabilitation of the distressed.

Begging is ignoble if it promotes laziness

among the physically able people  by

preventing them from doing hardwork,

and thus retarding the nation from progressing.

Begging is a crime if  a misguided person kidnaps

the children and harasses the  parents of the kidnapped

to give money.

A begger’s hands  that hold the bowl are  always  lower in position than the

hands that give alms which  are  always higher in position.

But this does not mean that the begger has regard for the donor.

There is a proverb in Tulu,  which is in abusive language.

A begger abuses a woman who was giving him alms daily ,

but  one day she does not open the  doors  for him.

Then  the begger comparing her to the woman residing

next  door  to  her, says like this:”That mom (addressing her with respect),

never gives me a single coin ; it’s okay. But, this  stupid woman

( addressing with disrespect), who always gives me alms is not

opening the door; what is resisting her from  coming out?”

Our ancestors have rightfully said that  alms should be given

only to the deserved.

Vani Hegde.


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