A Page From My Diary.

———————–Hari  Om—————-

1)Divine corner:

”Of the vedas, I am Sama veda; Of the gods, I am Indra;

Of the senses, I am  the  mind and of the living beings,

I am the consciousness.”–Bhagavad Gita. 10:22.

2)Quote of the day:

”Listen to many. Speak to a few.”–William Shakespeare.

3)Health corner:

Heat freezes  pain signals of the body. Hugging a hot water bottle,

deactivate pain  at a molecular  level.

4)Do you know?

Mosquitoes’ thirst for sugar could help kill the pests

and eradicate Malaria. Scientists of Jerusalem’s

Hebrew University,  wiped out the entire  mosquito

population by spraying a sugar solution mixed with

insecticide on acasia trees.


Teacher:”Let’s take the example of the busy ant.

He is busy all the time, works all the day and every day.

Then what happens?”

Little Johney: ”He gets stepped on.”

6)Mind bender:

What is the beginning of  ETERNITY, the end of

TIME and SPACE, the beginning of very END and

the end of every PLACE?

Ans:The letter ”E”.

7)Diary:India today seems not shining  because

of it’s  ancient  spiritual image, but whining

because of  it’s  image of corruption. Politicians

have  altered their images from administrators

into entertainers,  enacting  a comedy  drama,

on the stage of theatre, named India.

The medias relay the drama adding  spices into  it,

so that the drama  becomes  tasty for the hungry

eyes of the viewers.

Vani Hegde.