Important Events Of June 19th.

Father is the daughter’s first  love and the son’s first idol.

Today is Fathers’ Day.Third Sunday of June

is celebrated as  ”Fathers’ Day,” every year.

It is a celebration, honouring fathers and

celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds

and the influence of fathers in society.

”Mother” of ”Fathers’Day”, Sonora Dodd,

was upset  by the  widespread mocking of

fathers as lazy, sleazy and drunk.  She celebrated

”The Fathers’Day” for  the first time ,

in church at Spokane, Washington  on June 19th,1910.

Other important events of the day are-

1)Birthday of Rahul Gandhi (1970), son of Sonia Gandhi.

2)—-do—of  Salman Rushdie (1947), author.

3)—-do—-of Aung San Sue Kyi (1945), the leader of

the ”National League for Democracy” in Myanmar (Burma).

4)Death anniversary of the sarod maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan,

(2009). He was born at Comilla, a village in   present day

Bangladesh on 14th April, 1922.

5)Birthday of Sikh Guru Har Gobind Singh (1595).

He constructed Akal Takht  in Amritsar. He added  ”Manthra”( chant)

of ”Shakti” (power)  with  Sikh belief  of Bhakthi.He died on 28th

February, 1644.But according to Sikh  calendar, Nanakshai, these dates differ

from those of Gregorian calendar which we follow.

6)World Sauntering Day. In layman’s language, Saunter means leisurly walk

or stroll. The day is to roam,rove and ruminate all what pleases them.



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