Pen Is Not Mightier.

A pen in the hands of a writer or a brush

in the hands of an artist  may be mightier

than the sword in the hands of a warrior,

in the sense that they can invade  the  regions

of politics, religion  or any other regions

pertaining to welfare of  humans on earth.

However  the mighty pen or brush  cannot

save their masters from the verbal attack

by the  injured hearts or  threat of physical

attack  by the extremists.The cow as long

as it is  tied to a pole by the chain , is safe

in grassland. In case, it snatches the  chain

and  escapes , it falls  prey  to leopard or tiger.

Same is the case of pen or brush. If they try to

violate the boundaries of the  spheres allotted

to them ( by way  of negative  handling of  the

sensitive issues), they have to face the inevitable

consequences. M.F. Hussain,the painter, known as

”Picasso of India” had to live in exile because he

injured the sentiments of the  Hindus  through

the nude depiction of  the Hindu Goddesses. Salman Rushdie

faced the anger of the people of his community because

of his controversial  novel namely ”Satanic Verses”,

about Prophet Muhammed.Indian journalist and

reporter J, Dey was killed by the  criminal elements

that were against him. These instances  make us doubt

the power of pen and brush against their ability to save

their masters from the attacks  either verbal or physical.

By Vani Hegde.


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