An appeal To Parents By Children Of India.

Oh, Dad(Ruling party), and Mom(Opposite party),

stop quarrelling!Please  compromise.

Reduce not the fame of India, our house,

from ”Hall of fame”( because of  the carvings

of   names of spiritual and divine personalities ,

on the floor of our house, namely ”India”)

to ”House of shame” because of  internal conflicts.

Pour cold water of love over the flames of hate

elements burning in your hearts against each other.

A proverb in Kannada reads like this:

”The child has become weak because of

quarrel between Dad and Mom”

Oh, Dad and Mom, have a glance at your children.

Some are starving to death; some are critically ill;

some are engaged in fighting over trivial issues.

Please intervene and make the children  feel the

warmth of your presence by guiding them.

Dad and Mom, please be not adamant  but be submissive.

Dad leads the cart of  family and Mom guides him.

If they learn not to respect each other and  keep  on

quarrelling, children feel helpless and neglected.

No wonder, if they grow up as misguided youths or

desert  their parents in search of a better world for staying.

Parents, beware! If you  keep on quarrelling, children lose

repect on you and listen not to your words.

Dad, listen to the words of Mom and try to set things right,

if you are wrong. And if you are right, try to convince her

instead of abusing her for misunderstanding you. Hide

not the truth from her but be frank. Try to forget your

differences in the  interest of your children. Devote your

attention towards the  welfare of your children.

Dad and Mom, our family  prospers only if you

co-operate and administer the affairs  of the house

with devotion, keeping in sight the welfare of  your

suffering and ignored children.

By Vani Hegde.


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