Important Events Of June 14th

1)World   blood donation day.

2)Flag day in U.S.A.

American Congress passed the resolution to adopt the national

flag  in 1777. The stars and stripes in the  flag was designed

by Betsy Ross. She was asked to do this by George Washington,

the Prez of U.S.A. The 50 stars  on the flag represent 50 states

and 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies that rebelled

against British Monarchy.

3)South Vietnam  became indepedent (1949).

4)Birtday of Steffi Graf (1969), German tennis player.

5)–do—of Karl Landsteiner, a scientist who discovered

human blood groups. He was (born in Vienna) Austrian

born American  and winner of Nobel  award for his

discovery.(14-6-1868 to 26-6-1943)

6)Birthday of Kiran Kher (1955) Indian actress.

7)–do—–of Suman Shekhar (1960)Indian T.V.Actor.

8)Death anniversary of R.Shivabhogam (1907 to  1966),

the second woman  in C.A.Profession. (The first lady in

this profession was Mrs. Shirin K., Engineer of Mumbai.)

Ms.R.Shivabhogam was the sister of singer M.S.Subbulaxmi,

and a freedom fighter.



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