A Page From My Diary.

—————Hari Om—————–

1)Thought for the day:

Be open-minded, but don’t be afraid to draw

the line when it comes to moral convictions.

Knowing what you believe and sticking by it,

is a sign of strength, not  weakness.

2Health corner:

Dust absorbing trees are Banyan, Teak etc.,  which

possess  high dust filtering capacity. Plant them to

control menace like asthama or sneezing bouts.


a)Teacher:What is the plural of ”baby”?


b)Q:By which name you call the profit you get from fishing?

Ans:Net profit.

4)Divine corner:

Life is a combination of form and formless.

Feelings  have no form but their expressions

have form. The self has no form  but it’s abode has form.

5)Do you know?

Hand shake is an Indian custom.

In Ramayana, Sugreeva says to Lord Rama,

”Let us hold hand with hand and enter into

an agreement”.


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