A Page From My Diary.

—————–Hari  Om————————–

1)Thought for  the day: ”What looks like end of the road,

is more often just the bend in the road.”

2)Health corner:

Acid content in soft drinks eats away tooth anamel

—according to a  new study.

3)Do you know?

a)Muhammad means praiseworthy.

b)Jehovah / Yahweh is the divine Father of Jesus.

c)Amen(Hebrew word) literally means ”truly” or

”so let it be”

d)Suri means happiness  and red rose in Persian,

princess in Hebrew’

e)Raphael (Hebrew word) means a powerful healer.

It also means ”I am blessed”(tatto idea)

4)Divine corner:

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock,

the stream always wins not through strength but

through persistence.


In filling out an application for a job, Jill was puzzled

for a long time over the question,”Person to notify in

case of an accident.” Finally she wrote ”Anybody in sight.”


6)Mind  bender:

D E A R=Drop Everything  And Read.

(To develop interest in reading among children ,

teachers in schools follow this method.)

7)Diary:When I went to meet a relative of mine

I saw a board bearing the picture of a dog

displayed  on the compound outside,which read

like this:”Beware, I live here. Enter at your own risk.”

And when  I observe the agitation,   prevailing in the

country against corruption, I am compelled to compose

my own  poem  like this:

”Beware of monkeys Sir, you find  them everywhere here,

Hiding in the corner, they are waiting  to snatch your  spectacles

or trying to  throw pebbles targetting your eyes, so that your

eye sight may be blurred and you cannot perceive clearly

any thing that appears before you .Of course, dog biting

is a serious thing really. But taking care of your eye sight is

important equally.”

Vani Hegde.


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