Important Events Of June 12th.

1)World day against child labour.

2)Birthday of George Herbert Walker Bush (1924),  the 41st Prez. of U.S.

He had been in post during the period from January 1989  to January 1993.

3)—–Do–of Padmini (1932-2006), South Indian Actress.

4)Death anniversary of Christopher Collins (30-8-1949 to 12-6-1994),

American actor.

5)Russian Independene Day (1990).  Russia  declared  itself an independent and

sovereign state known as ”The Russian Federation.”  Boris Yeltsin became the

democratically elected first President of  Russian Federation. On June 12, 1990,

Russian Parliament formally declared Russian Sovereignty from the U.S.S.R.(Soviet Union).

6)Independence day of Philippine was changed from July 4th to June 12th .w.e.f.1964.

Manuel Roxas was the first President of the newly independent nation.

Philippines is an archipelago, comprising  7,107 islands in South East Asia.

It is located south of Taiwan, north of Malaysia and seperated from Vietnam

to the west by the South China  Sea. To its east is the Pacific Ocean.

Its capital is Vanila.Philippines is categorised broadly into 3

geographical divisions namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Philippine is named after King Philip 2nd of Spain (1556-1598)

and it was a Spanish colony  for over 300 years.



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