A Page From My Diary.

———————Hari Om———————–

1)Quote of the day:

”Many times in life, one needs  badly a patient heart

that listens, rather than a brilliant  mind that speaks.

2)Do you know?

”Hair speaks a volume about an individual,

giving away ethnic origin, environment, diet

and even lifestyle”–says scientists.

3)Divine corner.

Religion (Latin word religare) means  ”to connect”.

Yoga (derived from the word yuj) also means the same.

So spirituality is all about getting connected to God.

4)Health corner:

Orange and  grape fruit juice have as much calcium as milk.


Q:What is  common between Krishna, Rama, Jesus and Gandhi?

Ans:All were born on Government holidays.

6) Diary:When I  read news  paper or watch  news channel

in television,  I remember the quote of an author, who said,

” We were after all, created  to exist and survive in a  hostile

environment.” And before me appear two icons of the epics-

Shri Rama and Shri Krishna. Valmiki who  composed Ramayana,

seems  to convince people that life is  full  of  struggles and  if you

succeed in eliminating evil forces in life, you get name and fame.

Sage Valmiki  through  his icon  Sri Rama with bow and arrow

in his hands,  implies that one should face the clashes in life

like  a warrior. But Valmiki also does  not forget to   convince

that  hurting the innocents ( wife Sita and brother  Laxmana)

with weapons of disbelief and inhumanity  shall   bring

only miseries in one’s life. On the other hand, sage

Vyasa who  composed  Mahabharath, tries to convince people

through his  icon  Shri Krishna  that  life  will  become a  warfield

for those who forget God.  Sage Vyasa  also   implies that

Shri Krishna,who is God Himself will breathe  music of love

with his flute  into the life of one who surrenders to His Will.

Vani Hegde.


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