Important Events OF June 9th.

1)M.F. Husain, the  ”Indian Picasso” and the legendary artist passed away.

He was born on 17-9-1915.

2)Death Anniversary of Charles Dickens (author)-1870.

3)——do————-of William Carey (author)-1834.

He was born on 17-8 1761.

4) Death Anniversary of  Shanthaveri Gopala Gowda (1972 )

–  popular  politician.(born on 14-3-1923 )

5)Birthday of Donald Duck,(Disney legend)–turns 77.

-First appeared in  ”Wise Little Hen” animated

cartoon in 1934.

6) Birth day of Kiran Bedi  (I.P.S.),  winner of Magsaysay award.

She was born  at Amritsar on 1949.

7) Birthday of Nandini Satpati, the first female chief minister

of  Orissa . She was born  on 1931. She was called  as ”The

Iron Lady Of Orissa”.

8) Death anniversary of Raj Khosla, the  film producer and

director (1991).

Source: Collection.


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