A Page From My Diary.

———-Hari Om——————

1)Health Corner:

Chemicals called  ”parabens” found in under arm

deodorants have been detected in the tumours of

breast cancer  sufferers.

2)Quote of the day:

”Various beliefs and philosophers shape you and your life.

But, how creatively you live forms the essence of your existence.

Accept your fate and fact that as people are  different, so will

their beliefs and openions be.”–M.F.Hussain (painter).

3)Physically challenged child-”I don’t have legs; my mind says-

don’t weep, don’t weep; for,I need not bow down even in front of a king.”

4)Diary:The unrest in India opposing corruption  makes me think that

reconciliation and not rebuke only  can solve the  problem.The government should

be aware of the termites  weakening the edifice of the nation and  try to

inject proper medicine to save the nation by  driving out the termites.

An author has written about mass  unrest as following:-”A crowd is

generally associated with  negative emotions.

Insanity and prejudice generally lord over such proceedings.

However, in some cases, the group collectively thinks and

solves the problems better than any smart  individual.”

Vani Hegde.


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