Important Events Of June 5th And June 6th.

June 5th:

1)World Environment Day.

2)(National)   Anti- Fileria day.

3)Death Anniversary of Ronald Reagon,(2004),  the 40th Prez of U.S.

(1981 to 1989). He  was born on 6th February 1911.

June 6th:

1)Newzealand– Queen’s Birthday is observed on

1st Monday of June.

2)Western Australia-Foundation Day is celebrated

on 1st Monday of June.

3)Birthday and death anniversary of Masti Venkatesh Ayengar,

Kannada author, father of short stories and winner of Jnanapita Award.

(6-6-1891 to 6-6-1986)

4)Birthday of late Sunil Dutt, Bollywood actor (1929- 2005).

5)—do—–of Dr. H. Narasimhaiah, Kannada author (1920).

6)—do—-of Dalai Lama,  monk of Tibetans (1935). He  was

the 14th person to hold  this position of spiritual leader.

7)Death anniversary of Carl Gustav  Jung, author  of

”The psychology of the  unconscious” (26-7-1875 to 6-6-1961)

8)The anniversary of  Normandy (France) Landings.

The allied forces (France. England, U.S.),  landed at

Normandy, to make the  final assault on occupied

Europe and  free it from Nazi-Yoke (1944).

9)Birth day of S.R.Bommai,  ex-chief minister

of Karnataka, (1924).

10)Death anniversary of Devaraje Aras,

the ex- chief minister of Karnataka (1982).

11)Chhatrapati Shivaji, the protector of Maratha Empire,

was coronated on 6-6-1674. The empire  lasted upto


Collection by Vani Hegde.


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