Important Events Of June 4th.

1)Birthday of Angelina Julie(1975)-Hollywood actress.

2)—-do—of Anil Ambani (1959)–Industrialist.

3)—-do—of S.P. Basla Subrahmanyam(1946)-singer.

4)—-do—of (late) Nutan,cine actress.(1936)

5)—-do—-of  Richard Allen (1902), Indian hockey player.

6)International day of  opposition to abuse of children.

7)Declaration of martial law against the protesters assembled

at Tiananman square in Beijing, China (1989) which resulted

in death of 2,600 protesters,  injuring 10,000.

8)National Seva Dal was founded in 1941.

9)Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari founded

Independent Party  in 1959 ,  in condemnation

of the principles of Indian National Congress.

Collection by Vani Hegde.


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