Important Events Of June 2nd.

1)Death  anniversary of  Raj Kapur (1988)-Bollywood  actor,

and Dada Saheb Phalke  award winner.

2)Death anniversary of  Giuseppe Garibaldi (1882), the

patriot, who fought for the unity of Italy. He was born on

July 4, 1807.

3)Death Anniversary of Dom Moraes (2004) , an  English poet.

He was born in Bombay, India on  19-7-1938.

4)Birthday of Ganesh, golden star of Kannada cinema.

5)—do—–of Justin Long (1978), American film and television actor.

6)—do—-of  Thomas Hardy (1840),English novelist.

7) State Bank Of India’s British origin–June 2, 1806;

Born as  ”Bank of Calcutta”-Became  ”Imperial

Bank Of India” in 1921.-was transformed into

”State Bank Of India” under an Act of Parliament,

on July 1st, 1955.

Source:Collection by Vani Hegde.


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