Greek Festivals And Gods.

Greek festivals included sporting events.

The Olympics began as a festival to honour Zeus.

Greeks believed sports honoured the gods.People

also danced and sang to make gods happy.

Greeks believed that the 12 major gods lived on the

top  of the tallest mountain in Greece.It was called

Olympus. Gods ate wonderful  food called ambrosia.

Poseidon was the brother of Zeus, the  ruler of the gods.

He was  god of the seas. He always  carried a trident.

When he was angry, he would hit the water with it.

This caused terrible eathquakes, storms and drownings.

Hera,  wife of  Zeus, was  the goddess  of marriage and

married women.

Goddess Artemis—Before marriage, girls presented all

their toys to this  goddess. This meant that  childhood

had come to an end.

Greek goddess Athena was Zeus’s daughter. She was

the  goddess of wisdom and arts and also of war.

She was born of full armour out of Zeus’s head.

Zeus  let her carry his shield. The owl was her

favourite bird;  olive was her special tree.

Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty.

It is said that she came from foam  in the sea.

Aphroe means  ”foam” in Greek.  Her special

bird  was  the dove and the tree was myrtle.

Source:Collection(Ref:”Ancient Greece And The Olympics”)

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