”Blaming is an act of purifying the sinner of his sins

by way of  licking with the tongue by the accuser.”-said

the noble saint Shri  Shirdi Sai Baba.Just like

broomstick sweeps the dirt of the floor, and keeps

the house clean so also  the accuser makes us aware

of  our faults and help  us in mending our ways.

We  need  not break friendship   with the accusers

who   make us realise our mistakes. One  who  condemns

our acts and behaviour will act as a mirror which

reflects our personality; and if there is no truth in

those accusations, still we need not feel upset

but remain peaceful  and try to know the reality

that nature of human beings differs from one another.

One who embraces goodness will always prosper in life.

Wickedness ruins the one who feeds it.

Source: Translation  of  a  passage from

”Noble Biography of Shri Sai ” in Kannada.


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