Hand Gestures.

Hand gestures have different meanings in different countries.

Hand gestures are a quiet and quick way for people to express,

both  positively and negatively , a particular  feeling or word.

Every culture has it’s own gestures and  they do not always

mean the same things universally.

Making the ”O.K.” gesture with the thumb and index finger

is  a positive hand gesture in the United States. It is made by

touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger.

The other three fingers are extended upward. However, this

hand gesture is  considered insulting in France and Latin America.

Finger pointing is considered ill mannered. It is also a way of

placing blame on something or someone. Extending the

index finger outward to point, is done to indicate

something specific.

When a person  curls an index finger a few times,

it is usually done for beckoning or to get another

person to come closer.Performing this gesture in

Japan can be seen as a rude and in Singapore,

it is a sign of death.

Putting a hand palm  upward with all fingers pointing

upward is recognised in U.S. as a hand gesture to ”Stop”.

Another meaning is ”Stay Away”. By contrast, in Malaysia,

this gesture  is used as a signal that you would like

to say something.

‘Crossed fingers’  is  a hand  gesture , used to wish

for good luck or to nullify promise. Crossing the

first two fingers of either hand  signifies good luck.

The tips of  the thumb and  index finger touched

forming a circle. All the other fingers are extended

upward. This is the mystic gesture of Taras

(Bodhisattva/Buddha in female form).

The ‘victory’ hand gesture is made by bending

the 3rd and 4th fingers  to touch the tip of the

thumb and extending the index and middle finger

upward seperating them by about an inch to

form the letter ”V”.

The thumbs up hand gesture is made by extending

the thumb into the  air while curling the other four

fingers inward. It  implies, ”well done” or  ”things are great”

in western culture.



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