Greek Gods.

Zeus was ruler of the gods.He was the god of the sky, clouds

and rain.When Zeus was angry, he hurled thunder and bolts

of  lightning down to earth. He rewarded people who pleased

him. Atlas (name of book of map)  was one of his enemies and

Zeus made him hold up the sky  on his back forever.Greeks

believed that when the Oak leaves rustled, Zeus was talking.

Zeus’s wife was Hera. God Zeus was the father of ”Phoebus

Apollo”. Phoebus  means  ”shining and bright”. He was  a

beautiful god  with shining golden hair. He was the god of

the sun, healing, music and poetry. He carried a silver bow

and raced his chariot across the sky. He often played music

for the gods on his golden lyre ( a harp like instrument.)

Source: ( Ref:”Ancient Greece and the Olympies.”)


2 thoughts on “Greek Gods.

  1. Very informative aunty! I remember watchin a movie on geek god zeus! Very well presented! Keep the good work goin:) luv,munni

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