Animal World.

1)”Hippos” is the Greek word for  ‘horse’.

2)Hanuman Langur is  a sacred symbol

of wisdom, strength and devotion. The

”Heimtich maneuver” could have been

invented by langurs. To try to revive a

sick monkey, the langurs will shake it,

sit on it and even jump on it’s abdomen.

It  can jump down from a height of 40 feets.

(That’s a four story drop).

3)A male lion eats one-fifth of it’s body weight

or 88 pounds at each meal. Fighting is rare.

When it does occur, fighting tends to be over

food. Lions survive droughts by eating melons.

4)The legs of Giraffe are each 6 feet tall. These

long legs help them  reach speeds upto 35 miles

an hour. It’s heart is 2 feet long and lungs hold

11 times more air than our’s.

5)Wild Chimpanzees use 66 distinct gestures

to  communicate with each other, according

to scientists.



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