Indian Laws And Acts.

1)Wild Life Protection Act,1972 restricts cultivation  in

national parks.

2)Indian Forest Act,1961–Section 2(I A) explains Agricultural

income  as income derived  from land used for agricultural


3)Indian Forest Act,1927-Section2(7) defines ”tree”. The

Act says bamboo is grass, not tree.

4)Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, permits termination

of pregnancy after 20 weeks only if there is a fatal risk to  the

mother and not the foetus.

5)Noise Pollution Act, 2000 restricts the  noise limit upto

75 decibles in industrial sreas, 65 decibles for business areas,

55decibles for residential areas and 50 decibles for silent areas.

6)Advocates can’t audit sales tax returns filed by traders with

annual  sale of over 40lakhs;-only chartered or cost accountants

can do—Supreme Court verdict.

7)Article 19(1)(d) of our Constitution gives us a fundamental

right to ”move freely throught the territory of India”  from one

state to another, with a sense of security and freedom.

8)Indian Penal Code, 1860-The column 420 of the Act

refers to different forms of cheating and  of the punishment

to be awarded accordingly.Conmen are referred to as 420’s

after the section 420 of the Act.



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