Faith Has No Place For Doubt.

In a village there lived two widows who were great friends.

Both of them wanted to go to heaven and approached a sage

and requested him to advise them a  way how to attain salvation.

The monk  whispered a chant  in the ear of each one of them

and advised them to move away in  different direction and

repeat the chant continuously with concentration. The women

followed the advice of the monk  and did  severe penance for

many years. Their prayers were answered and a palanquin/sedan

came down from the above to carry both of them to heaven.

Both of the women climbed the palanquin happily and moved

up towards heaven. On their way to heaven, with curiosity  they

asked  each other what the monk had advised.One of them told

that she was advised to chant ”Wi” whereas the other one

informed that she was advised to chant ”dow”. Both of them were

stunned to know that  the two chants when combined together

spelled as ”Widow”. They  felt humiliated and began to curse

the monk. And as soon as their belief in the chant turned into

doubt their palanquin broke into pieces and they fell down .

By Vani Hegde(The story is  in Tulu language  and told to me by

my grandfather.)


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