A mother endures labour pain when she gives

birth to the child.She feeds and brings up her

child with with utmost love and care.The children

grow up and moves away  in search of a better future,

but they never forget the  sacrifice and love of their mother.

When she goes to meet them, the rousing welcome they

give to her make her to shed tear with pleasure.The touching

farewell they give to her when she departs, make her to weep

again with pain of departure. During her stay  with her

children, each day  seems like  occasion  of festival for her.

Their expression of love  on ”Mothers’ Day”  with flowers,

greetings and various gifts, makes  a mother forget her sense

of loneliness and creates in her a sense of  belongingness and

perfectiveness.Thank you children for your affection towards

your mother!May God bless every mother  to have such an

affectionate and  loving children.

By Vani Hegde.


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