Position Of Women In Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek culture was male centered.

Women and slaves had no voting rights.

Slaves could not be citizens.Parties were for men only;

women and girls were not allowed.Actors were men only.

Women and slaves were not allowed to be in the Games.

Women and girls stayed at home.Only boys went to school.

If a girl was rich, she usually learned to read and to write at

home.In Athens, girls were taught how to spin, weave, sew

and cook and to run  a house. In Sparta,  girls enjoyed more

freedom than in Athens.Although they did not go to school,

they learned sports, singing and dancing. Girls in Athens were

married very young. They were usually only 15 years old while

the men were often in their thirties.When a boy was born,

the family hung an olive wreath over the doors and when

a girl was born,  her family hung wool over the door.

Source:Collection.(Reference-Ancient Greece And The Olympics.)


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