Do You Know?

1)Greek words in English are:–

Gymnasium, Echo,Processions,Philosopher,

Myths,Ancient, Rivals,Democratic.

2)Gandhi  of Sri Lanka–A.T.Ariyaratne.

3)Lek is the currency ofAlbenia.

4)Afghani is the official currency of Afghanisthan.

5)First museum was established in 1796 in Kolkata

at Park street.

6) French philosopher,novelist and playwright Jean

Paul Sartre refused the Nobel prize for literature.

7)”Charlie” in police parlance is circle inspector.

”Walkie” in police parlance means revenue inspector.

8)Salsa is a Latin dance form.

9)”Kollywood” refers to Tamil film world.

10)ZIKR= Remembrance of God.

11) Midori-san=green(Japanese word)

12)Snowmote is the name of robot used to study

the environment of Antarctica continent.



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