Divine Corner.

1)Lord Shiva is called Nataraja because He

performs dance named ”Tandava” which

is violent in nature. He has four hands.

One hand  holds a drum that stands for creation.

Another hand holds a small flame that stands

for destruction.The other two hands show

protection and teaching.

2)Judaism:”The Star of David” is a symbol

of Judaism. The six points on the star show

God’s  power in all six directions-north, south,

east, west, up and down.

People who follow Judaism are called Jews.

Jewish  holy days include Yom Kipper,

a serious day of fasting and praying and

Passover, a celebration of when Jews  were

released  from slavery  in Egypt.

3)Charvaka school of thought denies the

existence of soul, God,  heaven or final liberation.



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