Color is what attracts bees to flowers.

The bees then  spread pollen to flowers

and  help them to grow. Humans use

the colors as traffic siglals. Red signal

tells drivers to stop. Cops, students, nurses

in hospitals, lawyers, soldiers all wear uniforms

of different colors.Red,blue and yellow are called

primary colors. A primary color cannot be made

by mixing other colors. Orange , green and purple

are called secondary colors. Secondary colors are

made  by mixing two  primary colors.

Colors are part of light. Light is a kind of energy,

which travels through  the air in invisible waves

callled light waves. Light bends when it passes

through a prism. As the light bends, each color

goes in different direction.

Sunlight has the same amount of all the colors.

Each color makes its own kind of light waves.

During the day, the sun is positioned high in

the sky, and  emits light at a relatively short

angle to the earth. So  the blue /violet  color with

the  shortest  wavelengths  only enter the atmosphere.

The collision with the oxygen and nitrogen atoms in

the atmosphere,  make them scattered. But because

our eyes are more sensitive to blue light, than they

are  violet light, we perceive the sky as blue.  During

sunrise or sunset the sun emits light at a longer angle.

So  only the longer yellow, orange/red light is visible.



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