Intelligent Quotes.

1.I am not bothered  by the fact that I am unknown;

I am bothered  when I  do not know others.–Confucious.

2.The ornament of someone is the fashion of another one.

-Telugu proverb.

3.Communication  of  message  does not mean  conveying of

inner feelings. Only the mind has that power,  which is not

found in  lifeless machine that tranmits only   the words.


4.Where the relationship is strong, there the mistakes

seem weak.

5.The mind is fickle, turbulent, powerful and unyielding.

To control and concentrate it is as difficult as controlling

the  wind itself.—Arjuna to  Shri Krishna.

6.One man’s  remorse is another man’s reminiscence.

7.Everything is connected and one thing cannot

exist without another thing.-P.Douspensky.

8.My heels are fettered but my fist is free.

9.A commitment to the environment is  a

commitment to our kids.

10.It is better to withdraw as soon as it seems

like we are neglected, before getting insulted.



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