Explore The Meanings.

1.The letter ”X” stands for-

a)”Ten” in Roman digit.b)”Multiplication” in  mathematics.

c)”Cross” in the religion Christianity. d) ”Unknown element”

in the world of science.e)” Not applicable”, while filling the

applications.f)”Incorrect”, while checking  answer sheets in

school exams.g) Also serves as a ” prefix” in expressions such

as-‘x’tra; ‘x’plore etc,.

2.The letter ”V” stands for:-

a)When we spread index finger and middle finger,

the space  between them appears like letter ”V”which

implies victory. b) In ‘E-Mail’, we use the letter ”V”

in place of ”We”.c)When 2 ”v”s join together, they

give birth to the letter,”W”(Double”You”)

d)”V”in Roman digit means 5.

3.”I” means:-a)”me” b)Not bending to anyone or straight like pillar

c)Single or lonely. d)In Roman digit,”I” means ”one”.

4)The digit 4 stands for:-a)number four b)In E-Mail language,

it is used in lieu of ”for”.c)It is the only such digit, where the number

of letters composing the digit, equals  the face value of the digit.

d)In Roman digit,when digit ”V”(5) is added to digit ”I”(one),

the face value of the  digit is reduced to ”IV”(four).

By Vani Hegde.


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