Loving Couple.

Why I  should reach for the stars, high above the  sky,

when the pole star is beside me and three little

satellites revolving around me? How can the

dark  night be scaring for me when you are

illuminating the sky of my life? The  ever green

and divine love  of Radha and Krishna may

prevail between us forever.Let  us take an oath

today  on this special day of our wedding anniversary

that we shall not  let  the misunderstandings  rule us

and ruin our love-life. Let  us share the sweet and bitter

days together which brings a  sense of completeness.

Our love is not like the dream that lasts for one night but

it is a reality that is binding us for life long.

Let us pray Almighty, to bless us with the boon of staying

together with never fading love against each other forever.

By Vani Hegde.