1.An  applicant for a job, while filling the application for job

interview,wrote as 3 years  under the column ”experience”.

He was called for the interview.The officer studied his

resume and asked him what experience he had.The applicant

for the job, replied that he had the experience of searching

for the job since 3 years.

2.Q:When we can go to planet moon?

A:When the price of the earth touches the sky.

3.Manager:Do you have experience in the job?

Job seeker:No. I am joining the post for the first time.

Manager:How much salary you expect?

Job seeker:Twice the sum of salary given to one employee.

Irritated manager:You say that you have no experience in

the job. Still you are asking for a high salary. Is it  justified?

Job seeker(in a cool voice):Yes, sir.There is no wrong in my

request.Because, I have no experience in that job.So I have

to work hard, is it not?I am asking high salary for hard working.

What wrong you find in it?



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