“The root of education is bitter but  it’s fruit is sweet”–said  Aristotle.

Getting the passmarks in the exam only, is not the victory of life.

Many of those who have failed in the exams have become great  reasearchers,

authors, artists and industrialists. Hail the winners  but forget not that

the defeated are not the losers in life’s battle.

The parents should  teach humanism to their children  not  in theory

but in practice. When  the grand parents are  not respected by the parents,

how can the children  respect their parents?

In” Gurukula” system of  education, our sages gave importance to depth,

whereas  the  modern education gives priority to width.

Modern education institutions  create only computers that are  adept

at puzzle solving and not the genius like Albert Einstein, Shakespeare,

Socratus etc., who  truly changed the world.



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