Health Corner.

1.Indian Hemp-Those who are suffering from leprosy disease,

should consume the powder of dried leaves of  Indian hemp,

mixed with ghee and honey.By smearing the juice of the leaves,

upon the infected parts, the  worms on the  wounds are eliminated.

Since the drinking of it’s juice spoils the thinking power of  humans

 and creates  intoxication, the plant is also called Maadani ( in Sanskrit)

 Maatulaani, Ganjaa, Vijayaa, Jayaa, Ganjaayikaa, mohini, Yogini etc.

2.Mix mashed cucumber with glycerin and apply on sunburnt skin

 for  instant relief.

3.Caramel coloring in colas/dark soft drinks, in beer sometimes,

 soy sauce  and  other foods contain  2 cancer- causing  chemicals:-

2-methylimidazole(2-MEI) and 4-methylimidazole(4-MEI).

4.Endosulfan is a harmful pesticide used to kill insects and mites on

various crops including cotten, tea, cashew, cardamom, fruits, vegetables,

rice and grain.It contaminates food, drinking water, is passed from mothers to

their unborn  children and is bioaccumulative. It is banned in over 62 countries.

The affected villagers in Kasargod(Kerala State) are  but the living examples of

the lethal impact of the pesticides:-children born with stag-horn limbs, scale-like

skin, protruding tongues, eye-deformities, extra fingers and toes, cleft palates,

club feet and harelips; of those suffering from dermatitis,

renal diseases, respiratory disorders etc.



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