It is really unfortunate to note that  the horoscope

applies negatively to girls. Of the 27 recognized

 birth stars in horoscope, 9 stars are supposed to be

 inauspicious to girls.  They are however not

 applicable to boys. A girl remains unmarried if  her

 horoscope does not match with that of the boy. When

such a tradition  becomes a  barrier to the future of a girl, we should think

again over it.For eg, child marriage seems to have  come into vogue,

to save minor  girls  from becoming orphans, in case,

 the parents die unexpectedly. But now the time has been

 changed. The longevity of  people and health have

 been improved.It is better  to proceed in the light

 of intelligence, instead of following the out of date  traditions,

composed thosands of years ago and that seem  irrelevant today.

The old tradition of polygomy is  not followed now.

Traditions that bring  miseries to humans, who introduced

 them, should change according to time.Water  stinks, if  it

 does not flow.Likewise, traditions  become inapplicable if they

do not change with the  moving time.Our ancestors did not said

 that  it would be a sin to question the traditions. They only said

 that following the traditions  would be beneficial for the welfare of

the  human beings.We should  discuss about the traditions

which if observed, spoils the life of an innocent humanbeing.

Source:Translation(Ravindranatha Shyaanbhaagh—Kannada author)


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