World Health Day.

April 7 is celebrated as “World Health Day”.

Unlike  low-fat, low-carb diets and other diets

that disturb hormones, the Perfect 10 Diet helps

balance 10 key hormones to melt away the  pounds,

speed up metabolism and help people achieve perfect

10 health for life.

10 key hormones that  hold the secret to losing weight

 and feeling great are:-

1.Insulin:-governs your body and  it has a profound effect

on aging.

2.Glucagon-melts fat.

3.Leptin-helps in controlling your appetite.

4.Thyroid-boosts the immune system,

 improves thinking abilities, decreases  bad

 cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, keeps

 you fit and provides energy.

5.Human Growth Hormons-is the quintessential

anti-aging hormone.

6.Testosterone– aids libido in both genders.

7.Estrogen–protects against heart and Alzheimer’s

disease, increases alertness and lowers body fat.

8.Progesterone–reduces anxiety.

9.Dehydroepiandrosterone(D.H.E.A.)- fights depression,

  prevents  osteoporosis in postmenopausal women,

and relieves fatigue.

10.Cortisol– keeps us alive thanks to 3 essential and

powerful properties.

Followers of  the Perfect 10 Diet should eat saturated

fats such as those  found in real butter and whole milk.

Fat-free products are bad for health. Frequent red meat

 consumption is linked to many gastrointestinal cancers.

Cholesterol-rich food is not detrimental. Lean meat such

 as beef, pork and lamb are  discouraged in Perfect 10 Diet.

Seafood, a preferred protein source, protects against many

 types of gastrointestinal cancers. Consumption of whole

 grains is preferred than heavy consumption of dairy  products.

Forget not that the Perfect 10 Diet is also anti-aging diet, as it helps

 balance many of  above mentioned 10 key hormones, as

  they decline with age.

Source:”Share Guide”-a health magazine.(Author-Michael Aziz, M.D.)


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