Elegant Quotes.

1.”May everybody be happy,& free from disease,

& have good luck,& evil days not befallen.”

–Vedic Prayer.

2.”Sentiments cannot be expressed in words.

Personal desires cannot be prayers.”

3.”God comes seeking us,  several times.

But we fail to understand Him.”

“A  honest  atheist is superior than a theist who is dishonest.”

–Swaami Vivekaananda.

4.”Flowing water never goes stale, so  just

keep on flowing.”

–Bruce Lee.

5.All things good to know are difficult to learn.

6.True beauty lies in doing beautiful things.

7.Get what you can and keep what you have.

that’s the way to get rich.

8. Suffering is something the world rejects.

9.”Behaviour of the seasons, behaviour of the mind,

 behaviour of the seeds,reaction for the action  and

 divine Will—these 5 precepts of nature operate

 beyond the control of any external power .”



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