A Clever Plan

A man residing near the street where boys used

to play cricket  daily, discovered a trick to make

 them leave  that place, so that he can live peacefully,

without any  noise created by the shouting of the boys.

He called them and said,”I  love cricket very much.

If you play cricket daily without fail, I will pay you

 Rs.20.  every week.” The boys felt  happy. The man

 paid them Rs. 20, as promised, on the first week.

He paid Rs.10. on the second week, saying that he

 has shortage of money. He said on the third week

that he would give them only one rupee because

 he was facing financial problem.The boys felt

 insulted and denied to accept one rupee, saying

 that they were not beggers and went away, never

 to come back again.The man was very happy to

 see that his purpose was accomplished.



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