The purpose of literature is not communication only.

It should question old beliefs and awake new speculations.

It should extract the secret things suppressed in inner

consciousness.In modern literature, we find several

types of shocks such as violation of bondage to

grammer, composition of incomplete sentences,

words broken into pieces, irrelevances etc. Such

techniques expose the truths that are hiding in

our inner consciousness and we are not aware of it.

To awaken the mind which is adjusted only to

authoritative explanations of a thing , such

artfulness in presentation of a thing in literature

— which include irrelevances or inconsistency for outer

appearances but hide deep meanings— is necessary.

There is no companion better than a book that creates

moral values in a person.

Literature should not tease the mind but please it.

Literature, art and music should be pleasing in nature.

Stories should teach humanity . They should not provoke

demoniac sentiments in humans.

As the words increase in quantity ,the literature

deteriorates in quality.

Literature means refinement. World wide experience

and patiene are necessary for it’s manifestation.

Literature is a flaming torch that shows way by

driving away the darkness of ignorance.

It is the medicine for the sickness of the society.

It is the doctor who improves the health

of the human mind.Literature becomes good,

when it is benevolent to society by way of recreation,

provocation of good thoughts and by giving solace

to sufferings of life. A good literature has the power to

blow away the ashes accumulated upon the hearth/fire

place/ of our heart and show to us the spark of truth.

In literature, there are answers to the questions, haunting us.

Literature contains balm of solace for the injuries of our mind.

The sorry state of thing is that people now read only two books

namely cheque book and pass book.



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